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Useful help and advice for dog owners

We get a great deal of enjoyment from owning a pet, and the companionship they can give to young and old can make for a long and lasting bond. For responsible ownership, please look through these tips.


It is essential that your pet has a fresh supply available at all times to prevent dehydration.



Preventative treatment should be given to your dog to keep him free of roundworms every three to six months. For the treatment of tapeworms, hookworms and whipworms, this should be done twice yearly.



Preventative methods should be used as these are difficult to get rid of once your dog has them.


Dental care

There are many dog chews, toys and toothbrushes available to prevent dental problems with your dog. Your vet will advise on the best routine for your dog.



Your dog will require regular exercise, and it's also good for you! Your dog will maintain a healthy weight, and joint mobility by taking regular exercise and interacting with other dogs.

An excellent reputation

We were established in 1983 and have built an excellent reputation with local animal lovers. We can deliver locally and if you are searching for something specific for your pet, then we will be pleased to help you find it.

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